Your AAIG Member Site with BUILT-IN DISCOUNT on BiAloe(R) is Ready (I think)

Rather than continuing to send different discount codes to the Aloe Availability Information Group members for all the shopping sites which you can buy it through, there is now a special site, “” that is only for group members (and people in the process of becoming group members).

Currently it automatically provides you with a 10% discount on Aloe products (and Endocrine Nutrimens too).

The long-term goal is to get that group discount up to 33%!

(Read the “Thank you” page to learn how and why.)

At any rate, you can forget all those other shopping sites that I told you about in the past. Just remember for Aloe Availability Information Group and “.info“, order whatever you need and forget about discount codes and remembering to click the “apply” button.

Easy and certain!

To your perfect health: NATURALLY!


P.S. I like to bookmark the important sites to make it easy to find them later. Since your life could depend on BiAloe®, I suggest that qualifies as important.

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